Callaghan Financial Coaching

Get better with money

"I'm an expert in personal finance education. I have written teaching texts on personal finance and have taught the subject at University level for a number of years. I hold a PhD in Economics, am an accredited Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a qualified coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management. I have also successfully undertaken professional training with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching." George Callaghan (PhD)

What a financial coaching professional can do for you

Lost with money worries? Given the rapid rate of economic and social change you are not alone. From pensions, to mortgages and student loans, individuals are taking more responsibility for their financial wellbeing. Callaghan Financial Coaching helps you make better informed financial decisions.

We help with money by developing your understanding of practical money matters and encourage you to think about your emotional response to money. 

Callaghan Financial Coaching specialises in offering financial wellness workshops to improve people's understanding of personal finance issues. We also offer one-to-one coaching, where we help you identify, develop and work towards your personal financial goals.

Our client-based approach helps you help yourself. If you need help identifying and achieving your financial goals, our mix of practical tools and techniques will give you a better understanding and more control of your finances. We offer one-to-one consultations and run financial wellbeing workshops and seminars for those who are interested in developing their financial knowledge.


Financial wellness workshops

Money worries can impact upon employee mental health, contributing to personal and professional challenges. Our Financial Wellness Workshops can play a role in addressing these challenges by providing knowledge, tools and techniques which help colleagues with money by making more informed choices. 

Workshops are tailored to clients' needs. For example, we offer two hour workshops which explain money basics, workshops around spending and budgeting, financial planning for the third age and gaining knowledge of the emotions around money.  We do not provide Regulated Financial Advice.

"George's money coaching has been really useful in getting me to reflect on my attitudes and practices with regard to money. The strength of George's approach is to put everything in the context of wider life goals and to recognise the human side of spending and saving and all that comes with it." Economist, London.

Financial coaching sessions

We offer individual coaching around personal finance.


This starts with a phone call to discuss money worries and money goals. If we feel we can work together there is an initial two-hour one-to-one session which explores your financial goals, explains different strategies around spending plans and provides a space to discuss your attitude and behaviours around money. We can then arrange further one hour money help sessions as necessary.

I am based in Scotland and where practical these sessions can be face to face. Alternatively they can be held on the phone, Skype or Zoom. All information provided is treated in confidence.


We do not provide Regulated Financial Advice.

There are no fees for our introductory telephone calls. Price for financial coaching sessions varies with quantity and frequency - we can discuss this during our introductory call.